Child Assault Prevention Program (C.A.P.P.)

The Child Assault Prevention Program, or C.A.P.P., is a Newton-wide, classroom-based program addressing child assault prevention. The parent information meeting, held before kindergartners and new students participate in this program, provides a forum for parents to receive information on child abuse, identification of child assault victims, reporting of abuse, and crisis intervention skills. This meeting also provides a detailed description of the children’s workshop and techniques used in class. A release form will be sent home for your review and signature, authorizing your child to participate in this program. At some time after the parents’ evening meeting, the children will be guided through the program appropriate to their age. The children’s classroom experience combines directed group discussion and a series of roleplays focusing on situations children might encounter. The strategies explore self-assertion, peer support, and telling a trusted adult. Word for Williams will inform you as to the time and date of the parent meeting.