Online Auction

Williams School PTO Auction Planning

The Williams 2017 auction will be held online from January 28-Sunday, February 5, 2017. Details will be forthcoming. To get involved or to make a donation, please contact Hilary Bialek  or Carol Roe, Auction Co-Chairs.

Williams Online Auction 2017

Here are some simple ways in which you can help:

  • Ask for donations – kindly ask employers, restaurants, service providers, retail shops, businesses, activity providers, sports teams, theaters, museums & attractions and so on to contribute goods / services or cash sponsorship. Ask in person, via email, phone or drop off our Auction letter and donation form (this can be fun for kids to do with a grown up!). Think of Newton organizations as well as surrounding areas.
  • Create your own donation – make a theme basket, provide a special / unique experience, offer a weekend getaway, arrange a “behind the scenes” tour, donate tickets, cook a meal, share a skill or hobby, and so on. The options are limitless and creativity is encouraged! You can coordinate with other families to make a joint contribution.
  • Enter data – help to input information about prospective donors and received donations into our database and the online auction platform, Bidding For Good.
  • Write creative content – help draft creative descriptions of our items for bid to entice bidders.
  • Publicize – help spread the word about our auction! Tell friends, family, neighbors, and beyond that we’re seeking donations for a great cause.
  • Fulfill winning bids – help fulfill the winning bids by connecting bidders with winnings. Email, mail, or deliver in-person, depending on what, where and to whom.
  • Show appreciation – give thanks to the many donors who make our auction possible. Patron their businesses and thank them for their support on behalf of the entire Williams community. Help us send letters of thanks to ensure we build longstanding relationships throughout our community and beyond.

No experience necessary, foreign language skill a plus, whatever amount of time works for you!

For any questions or to let us know how you may be interested in helping, please contact [email protected]

We appreciate any help you can give! Thank you on behalf of the PTO and the entire school!