PTO Board and Committees


The mission of the Williams School PTO is to support the school staff, to help enrich the educational experience of our children, and to continue to foster the Williams community.

We would love all Williams parents to be involved!  Take a moment to read the brief descriptions of the PTO committees, and contact the chair of a committee or anyone on the executive committee for more information. (Note: Commitment indicates the amount of time it takes to chair the committee, not to volunteer for the committee.)  Below is the Slate for the 2017 – 2018 school year.  The slate is usually presented for a vote to all parents on the last day of school.  

Please note that you can always volunteer.  We have a Sign-up Genius list with all open volunteer positions – you can sign up throughout the year! Most everything is open for additional help, therefore if you see an area where you want to help please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected].

PTO Board and Committees for the 2017-2018 School Year

Executive Board

Co-Presidents – Angie Abend, Hagit Abraham, Aasma Gilani


VP Fundraising – Hilary Bialek

VP Technology – Sarah White

Treasurer –  Jack Green

Secretary – Nora Brennan-Cuphone

Past Presidents (with children still at Williams) – Christine Lacey, Nancy Sweatt, Sarah White, Josh Krintzman

Committee Chairs

Communication Committee – Erwin Chuk, Sarah Henry

Art Room Volunteers Coordinator –  Erin Butterworth

Library Volunteers Coordinator – Julie Jakubowski

Room Parents Coordinator – Sarah Cheslock

Kindergarten Parent Liaison – Kristie Adloff

Annual Campaign –  OPEN

Box Tops Coordinator – Karin Wood

Ice Cream Socials OPEN

Book Fair – Erin Hanley, Jennifer Shanks

Halloween Festival Committee OPEN

BAOTG Sport Clinics OPEN

Comedy Night/PNO – Kathryn Maguire, Erika Welch

Launch Trampoline, Plaster Fun Time or other off site play date events  OPEN

Multicultural Night Alison Callahan, Rain Ran

Williams Dance – OPEN

Teachers’ Event Raffle –  Anna Kasyanova

Color Day Coordinator  Karin Wood

CommUNITY – Erin Butterworth

NewtonSERVES – Stacey Ardini 

Safe Routes to School – Kathryn Teissier du Cros

Creative Arts and Sciences – Dana Lanciloti, Sarah White, Alison Callahan (Halberstadt) 

Directory – Aasma Gilani

Fifth Grade Committee – Jainy Shah, Sharon Horne  

PTO Photographer – OPEN

Gift BooksDana Lanciloti , Erin Hanley , Julie Jakubowski

Green Team –  Hilary Bialek, Kim Ockene, Kathryn Teissier du Cros

METCO Liaison-  OPEN

New Families Outreach – Ijeoma Anyanwu, Rain Ran

Online Bidding For Good Auction Committee – Hilary Bialek

Outdoor Improvements Committee –  Erika Welch, Agnes Wierzbicki

PTO CouncilHagit Abraham

School PicturesRain Ran, Sue Gormley 

Special Ed PAC – Hagit Abraham

Teacher appreciation breakfasts – Debbie Kuronen

Teacher appreciation lunch Ijeoma Anyanwu, Isabel Kim

Understanding our Differences – Susan Snyder, Alison Callahan

Website Regilo Souza, Erwin Chuk

Williams Wear Allison Page

Williams Dance – OPEN


PTO Co-Presidents

Oversee PTO committee activities, coordinate with members, the Principal and teachers, and set the PTO’s direction. Serve a 2 yr term which overlaps with the incoming co-presidents for 1 year.  Communicate with Williams families via weekly emails. Keep Williams community informed about city-wide school-related issues. Prepare annual PTO budget, oversee on ongoing basis fundraising, and spending.  Attend meetings: bi-monthly with Principal, monthly School Council, monthly Newton PTO Council and various School Committee meetings.
Commitment: Average of 5 hours per week, some weeks less and some weeks as high as 12 hours.


Serves a minimum 2 yr term and oversees the revenues and expenses of the PTO. Provides financial information and advice to Co-Presidents, and PTO committees. Responsible for expense reimbursements and yearly tax returns. Familiarity with Quicken is necessary.
Commitment: Average of 2-3 hrs per week.

Vice President(s) of Fundraising

Set and oversee the PTO fund raising goals with the PTO Co-Presidents. Liaise with chairs of individual fundraisers.

School Pictures

Organizes fall student picture day fundraiser.  Liases with picture company and school administration.


Coordinate with room parents to provide volunteer coverage for each class.
Coordinate with art teacher and newsletter editor about classroom needs.
Hang artwork in halls and display cases (change several times a year).
Photograph artwork for placement on artsonia website.
Help with class preparation and cleanup.

Book Fair

Organizes and coordinates with volunteers to implement two fundraising book sales for Williams families.
Coordinates with School Librarian and Bookseller.

Box Tops

Help to raise awareness of Box Tops Program and fundraising opportunities on the BTFE website with students, staff and parents.
Collect clipped Box tops and mail them in 2-3 times a year.
Promote Box Tops Marketplace for online shopping.
Check out the website below for helpful hints!

Williams Wear

Help design and order t-shirts and other clothing.
Coordinate volunteers to sell goods at Williams events and fill orders placed throughout school year.

Creative Arts and Sciences Committee

The Williams School PTO’s Creative Arts & Sciences Committee (CASC) presents a diverse range of curriculum-related programs to enrich and enhance the learning experience of each child at Williams. We work closely with teachers and specialists to schedule classroom programs as well as school-wide performances, resulting in an average of five hours of programming per student each year.  Past programs have included storytelling, live animals, historical reenactments, instrumental concerts, science experiments and dance.

Co-chairs of this city-wide program organize and facilitate parent volunteers who coordinate grade-level programs.

5th Grade Activities Coordinator

Chairs work with Principal, PTO, 5th grade families and teachers to coordinate a year of exciting activities.

Library Liaison

Recruit, train and oversee volunteers for Williams library and coordinate activities with School Librarian.
Host a coffee for library volunteers at start and end of year.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfasts Coordinator

Coordinates with room parents to provide teachers and staff with special breakfasts throughout the year.

Commitment:  Approx. 1hr per grade-level breakfast

Safe Routes to School/Walk to School Day

Organizes Williams participation in October’s Walk/Bike to School Day and works with the PTO on issues related to creating safe routes to school for all children.

Williams Beautification/Newton Serves

Register the Williams project on the City website.
Publicize the project in the community and order supplies through NewtonSERVES.
Yearly event is in April and Williams project typically runs from noon – 3 p.m.