Box Tops ~ Winter Classroom Competition November 1, 2017 – February 16, 2018

box top

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION is an incredible program that allows us to earn money for the school basically for free.

BOX TOPS are each worth 10¢ that go directly to funding programs and supplies for Williams. Throughout the year, we will have 3 collection drives ~ Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Collecting BOX TOPS year round is an important part of this initiative and should be a child-parent activity. Having the kids be responsible for some of the collection, and asking family and friends to donate theirs is fun but also a learning experience. It’s also a great opportunity for the kids in each classroom to work together for something they want. So get them involved! This is a win, win ~ Williams gets money, kids take responsibility, and the winning classrooms get prizes!

Imagine what ONE student can do..

Imagine what our SCHOOL can do..

1 Box Top per month x 9 months = 90¢

$1 x 300 students = $300

5 Box Tops per month x 9 months = $4.50

$4.50 x 300 students = $1,350

10 Box Tops per month x 9 months = $9

$9 x 300 students = $2,700


  1. Look for the BOX TOPS logo on hundreds of participating products.
  2. Send your child to school with the clipped BOX TOPS in a baggie to be put in their classroom’s collection box.
  3. The 3 classrooms that collect the most BOX TOPS at the end of the collection will win fabulous prizes!

*** PRIZES ***

Top class –> 1) Box Tops trophy stays in their room until next collection’s winning class takes it over &

                       2) vote on a theme day (crazy hair, backwards clothes, etc.)

Top 2 classes  –>  each student receives a popsicle

Top 3 classes –> vote on a classroom activity


If you have any questions, please email the PTO Box Tops Coordinator ~ Karin Wood ([email protected]).

 Fall Classroom Competition Results


It was great to see how many students collected and clipped so many BOX TOPS for our Fall Classroom Competition! The total amount raised for the school was $477.60. It was a short collection drive (a little more than 1 month) but it goes to show how every little bit counts. Please continue collecting them as the Winter Classroom Competition runs from now until Friday, February 16, 2018. Ask your family and friends to collect for you as well.

Classroom Totals:
Mr. Joyce – 749  1st Place WINNER! Wins the gold lava lamp trophy, votes on a theme day, gets a popsicle party, and votes on a classroom activity.
Ms. Bailey – 601  2nd Place WINNER! Gets a popsicle party & votes on a classroom activity.
Ms. Mulholland – 512  3rd Place WINNER! Votes on a classroom activity.
Ms. O’Leary – 434
Ms. Norton – 405
Ms. Berna – 356
Ms. Sabin – 330
Mr. Garlick – 326
Ms. Azia – 312
Ms. Kanode/Sorenson – 305
Ms. Prihoda – 267 (had tons but many were expired)
Ms. Matriciano – 248
Ms. McKenna – 187
Ms. Dickerson – 74